22 Aug

I know I say food is good all the time – I cant help it, it’s my job (no really, it’s my job!). Although I get to eat some pretty and wonderfully delicious things, every now and then I crave real food – meats, starches and veggies. Nothing fancy or expensive, nothing applied to the plate by a mega chef with tweezers. No gelees, chorizo foam, or foie gras. Sometimes my palate is just that simple.

Photo: Grub Street

I have found this place. A beautifully intimate atmosphere with great service, great wine, and wonderfully good food. This place (that I’m drooling over as I type) is Steak Frites in NYC. I can’t even begin to describe my experience here because everything was cooked perfectly, the menu suited everyone’s liking, and a wine pairing was even noted for an added bonus on the Restaurant Week menu. There was no need to stray to the regular menu because the Restaurant Week menu was so fulfilling.

Steak Frites reminds me of a repeat offender for good food. My lamb was cooked exactly to a medium rare temp as I had ordered, the vegetables in my ratatouille still had a slight crunch, and my pomme puree was buttery and smooth. My glass of Malbec red wine matched perfectly as the menu suggested!  (Sorry, I got excited from the memories of licking my fork and my naked lamb bones, don’t judge me!). Here’s what my friends and I  indulged in:

Icy Blue P.E.I Mussels
White Wine, Pastis, Shallots, Tomato, Fennel, and Herbs de Provence.

Jumbo Lump Crake Cake
Corn, Cranberry Relish

Seared Canadian Salmon
Lobster, Maine Crab, and fingerling potato hash

Filet of Beef “Oscar”
Lump Crab meat and asparagus

Rack of Lamb
Pomme Puree and Ratatouille

New York Strip
Chopped Spinach and crushed potatoes

Apple Tart
Caramel Ice Cream

Pot de Creme Au Chocolate

Profiteroles “Dame Blanche”

Steak Frites
9 East 16th street (btwn Union Square West and 5th ave)
N.Y. N.Y. 10003


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