FOODY BOOK Review: “Medium Raw” by Anthony Bourdain

22 Aug

Anthony Bourdain

“Six o’ clock in the morning is when the pains raisins come out, and already the customers are lining up in the dark outside this tiny Parisian boulangerie waiting for the first batch. The baguettes are ready -piping hot from the brick oven, fabulously deliberately ugly and uneven in shape, slashed crudely across the top. They’re too hot to eat but you grab one anyway, tearing it open gingerly, then dropping two fingers of butter inside. It instantly melts into liquid- running into the groves and inner spaces of white interior. You grab it like a sandwich and bite, teeth making a cracking sound as you crunch through the crust. You havent eaten since yesturday lunch, your palate is alseep and just not ready for so much sensation. The reaction is violent. It hurts. Butter floods your head and you think for a second you’re going to black out”

– Anthony Bourdain, author of Medium Raw

This, MASQUE readers, is pure lust after food. That butter description made me a little hot! From chef-turned-author Anthony Bourdain, his follow up to the New York Time Best Seller Kitchen Confidential, Medium Raw takes the reader in another realm of the food industry. I highly suggest reading both novels if you desire a deeper ,”raw”  and uncut look into the food industry.


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