Etsy Craft Night + South Street Seaport

3 Aug

Crafting keeps me sane. The therapeutic rhythmic in-and-out of a thread being sewn takes me to a deep place, reminding me of an elderly woman in her rocking chair lost in her own thoughts.

Etsy Labs (a summer fave!) had a Craft Night on July 28 at South Street Seaport in NYC. Sponsored by Hancock Fabrics, the meetup was a chance to connect with fellow crafters and snag some arts goodies.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with name tags and cantaloupe. My name is Kelly. I ❤ boys.

Etsy furnished the event with cafeteria style seating (which happened to be very conducive to stranger-to-stranger conversation), scissors, felt, embroidery rounds, needles and thread. To honor the event’s location, Hancock Fabrics dished out a very cute and appropriate naval print fabric. My end result?

Etsy has been, and will continue, hosting  craft events this summer. To keep track of them all, visit them here. Make sure to make it out for at least one of these, they’re so much fun!


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