Can Twitter Lead You to Amazing Food?

3 Aug

My Twitter page (@SpeedyLVFoodie, follow me!) is always open on my laptop at home and on my blackberry when Im on the run. My twitter usage varies – some days I’m submerged, others I forget it exists. I vent on twitter, post pics, ask questions, and I’ve even made some great networking contacts on Twitter.

I read an interview with a business man a few days ago, regarding his food truck and how he determines his daily location. His answer? Twitter. A second interview highlight a handful of food trucks in and around NYC, and took note of most of them being absent of phone numbers. Looking twice, they only have Twitter profiles!

Can Twitter lead you to amazingly good food? I follow a few restaurants and food related things on Twitter, always linking me to homepages. I stumbled across one of my (now) top-ten restaurant picks from a networking contact though Twitter via a twitpic of the food she was eating.  Apparently Twitter helps the foodies out also. Check out and follow some of the cool and delicious food twitter pages!

@KelvinSlush -Natural slushy truck

@desserttruck – Gourmet Desserts

@FeastNY – Restarant News and Updates

@nyccravings – NYC Cravings Food Truck

@rickshawbar– Rickshaw Dumpling Bar Food Truck (chicken and Thai basil dumplings)

@streetsweets – Freshly Baked Sweets

@goburger – GO Burger

@biggayicecream – Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (soft serve w/ exotic toppings like olive oil or Wasabi-pea powder)


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