Cheap food at Delicious Prices!

2 Aug

I hate to admit it, but within two years my financial situation has changed – just like everyone else’s. Though a glum wallet, a lot of my free spending has gone towards dining out and ordering anything that my stomach desires, thanks to cheap food at great prices.

We can blame the economy, but my stomach is thanking the economy!A sinking economy forces people to restructure their spending habits. These people are also chefs! The days of saving (or pulling out the trusty credit card) to dine out at your favorite chefs signature restaurant are not over, but have been put on the back burner (no pun intended). Chefs are using the economy to their advantage and getting back to basics by creating  lax dining environments and stress reducing atmospheres to match affordable price points.

New budget-friendly restaurants are popping up all over cities from widely known and rising chefs, using bold flavors, sourced fresh ingredients, and providing diners with a new way of eating out.  Being on a budget has also catapult the food truck craze to new heights! These trucks are being taken over by creative chefs, and even pastry chefs, riding around town selling everything gourmet! From savory dumplings and pizza, to Kobe beef hot dogs, and soft serve ice cream with toppings that range from Wasabi-Pea powder, olive oil, and cardamom spice, food trucks can be more fun than an actual restaurant. My advice to you, its summer, its hot, get out there and try these restaurants and food trucks, and have change left in your wallet!  Check out a list of Cheap Eats from NY Mag!


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