Open for business!

22 Jul,madmen_071910/madmen_600x800_RVL_v1.JPG

The doors of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce are open for business!

Season four of the hit AMC original drama, Mad Men, premieres this Sunday evening at 10pm.   You can “go mad” and be a part of a premiere screening event in NYC’s Time Square! Scheduled with a Mad Men costume contest, trivia, and the exclusive screening.

Before Mad Men premiered three seasons ago in 2007, I don’t think I knew where exactly AMC could be found between ESPN and VH1. But since the mad men of Sterling Cooper have caught the attention of viewers and critics alike they’ve won five Golden Globes, nine Emmy awards, countless other awards and my full attention every Sunday night.

It has been acclaimed for its great rendition of life in 1960s and its visual style. It’s also great to watch and see our favorite commercial items from today make their way into the series, such as Kodak, Clearasil face wash, Hilton hotels, and many others.  Though Mad Men is set in a fictional advertising agency, the characters deal with hardcore dilemmas: Don’s constant adultery which led to Betty’s petition divorce and departure to Reno, Peggy’s child out of wedlock, Pete’s annoying desire for upward mobility, Salvatore’s “closet” homosexuality, “invisible” racism throughout the series, and many other circumstances that are mirrored very well by the great writers of Mad Men. If you haven’t done so yet…tune in on Sunday at 10pm. Also visit AMC  here to find out if you have what it takes to get hired by Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce with an online job interview with the nouveau ad agency.


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