Getting Intimate with Leah

22 Jul

Oregon, Ohio, NYC, Chicago, Portland Boudoir Photographer logoAnniversary approaching? What better way to say “I love you and I’m yours” than with a naughty little portfolio of pics? allows you to do just that. Leah Stafford offers her services and photog skills to those who want to acquire a collection of spicy and sweet pictures. Leah says:

I never grew up saying I was going to be a boudoir photographer. However, I grew up with a deep want to help people and so I wanted to major in psychology. However, our paths also don’t turn out how we want them but sometimes it’s only for the better. Now, I’m a boudoir photographer, I work with amazing clients, I get to create images for these women and at the end of the day I am helping every girl that comes to me. I show her that she is gorgeous and she is sexy despite maybe not feeling it. It’s a wonderful feeling having clients come in, leave as friends and feel 100% better about themselves!

And she does just that.  Whether you participate in her marathons, reserved weekends in certain cities at particular hotels where one can book their appointment session, or call to make a private appointment, Leah is sure to bring out the fun and flirty in any girl.  Her aptitude in photoshop doesn’t hurt either – check out the Before and After to see how she uses her editing, taking pride in glossing over some flaws but never altering the shape of the woman.

Why not be a model for the day? Making your (and his) fantasy come true?


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