Feeling Salty? Feel Better!

15 Jul

The health benefits of salty air were traditionally outweighed by its proximity to pirates and depressing sea shanties concerning mariners’ briny socks. Reap the benefits of modern ocean-side living with today’s deal: for $25, you get two one-hour salt air treatments at Halo Air Salt Rooms, a Chelsea establishment dedicated to the traditional Eastern European practice of halotherapy.

First recognized by a Polish doctor who found that patients who mined salt in caves had healthier skin and improved breathing, Halo Air Salt Rooms provides the health benefits of the same saline atmosphere found in salt caves. Ukrainian salt from the very mines where the treatment originated coats the walls and carpets the floors of the salt rooms at Halo, perfectly replicating the underground environment right down to the relaxing chairs and plasma TVs that salt miners commonly use to watch reruns of The Wonder Years . Once you’ve settled in, the Halogenerator begins its therapeutic work, grinding the salt and filling the atmosphere with dry salt aerosols. As you inhale these particles, their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties go to work on your respiratory system, soothing inflammation, clearing breathing passageways, and reducing mucus, but almost never turning your face into solid brass. Halo provides links to articles and researchabout halotherapy. And while additional studies are under way, testimonials indicate that the health benefits extend to the skin, mental wellness, energy levels, and general well-being, as well as the respiratory system.

The salt rooms may also provide relief from a wide variety of ailments.

Appointments mandatory; tax and gratuity not included.

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If you happen to take a visit to Halo Air, take some pics and let us know how it went!

Source: Groupon.com


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