Scholarship to a fit body

13 Jul

Buttery fresh popcorn and movie nachos.

Back yard cookout burgers and hot dogs.

Cotton candy and funnel cake at theme parks.

And we can not forget soft served ice cream sundaes from the famous Mister Softee truck.

Ahhhh, the delectable joys of summer. Sure we enjoy most of these foods during any other season of the year but not in this abundance.  If you have control on your snack and fatty food intake, KUDOS! However, if this is making you realize that your waistline is slowly expanding, fear not! David Barton is here with a free ride!

With three locations in NYC (Astor Place, W23rd Street, and E85th Street), David Barton Gym is inviting first time visitors to sign up today and not pay for ANYTHING for the rest of the summer. Consider your gym tab being taken care of by DB himself. 🙂 This offer is for local residents of NYC and it ends on July 31st. What do you have to lose, but a couple of inches and pounds?

Sign up for this exclusive special at David Barton and kiss the extra summer 2010 weight good-bye 😉


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