Lyrics of the week…

13 Jul

Oh my Goshhhhhhhh… Who doesn’t like this song??!!

Hip-hop heads, techno lovers and pop fanatics can all relate.  And after 14 weeks, this song is still going strong.

“Baby Let me love you down, there’s so many ways to luv ya

Baby I can break you down, there’s so many ways to luv ya

Got me like oh my gosh, I’m so in luv, I found you finally like

You make me wanna say, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh my GOSH”

Hmmm, undoubtedly this song is known more for the addictive beat than it’s lyrics, but when I stopped dancing and starting listening, the song definitely made me chuckle:

“This was something special, this was just like dynamite”

Well yes, dynamite is special… I guess.

Or better yet:

“Baby got some boobies like wow oh wow”

He he, C’monnnn are we in 2nd grade now Ush?  I mean, I literally was LOL on the train with that last line.  The lyrics are terrible sophomoric and yet, Usher managed to turn this into a smash.  I mean play everyday, feel-good, pop ya booty SMASH.  I guess that’s why Usher is Usher.  Gotta love him.

So while I press repeat on my iPod, I’ll keep dancing on this one.  I mean, how philosophical do you need to get in the club?

Until next time, remember, Life is a melody to love, listen & move.


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