Now THIS is a Pin-Up Girl!

8 Jul

The ladies here at MASQUE are fans of pin-up girls (recent fave: Beyonce in her “Why Don’t You Love Me” video). I think every girl we know wants to secretly be one – curvy hips, awesome swimsuits, sexy dresses…

But this pin-up girl is here to top them all.


Betty White, the run-that-by-us-again funny woman, is releasing a 2011 calendar!

The 88 year-old woman, made famous again by a Facebook group named “Betty White to Host SNL (Please)”, is showing us that she is here to stay. Available all year long, The Betty White Calendar a tribute to one of America’s most beloved actresses, comediennes, and winner of multiple Emmy Awards.


Betty drove me nuts with that Snickers commercial and made me laugh until I almost cried on SNL, so I’m sure this calendar will deliver. Priced at $12.99, the calendar will be available in September. Being the wonderful woman that she is, Ms. White is donating all of the proceeds will go to The Morris Animal Foundation based in Denver, Colorado.

I can’t wait for this!


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