Stirrings Naked Bartender Competition

1 Jul

There’s nothing better than a late night and a couple of Cosmos with your girlfriends. Actually, there may just be…

A naked man making a Cosmo for you and your girlfriends.

Stirrings hosted a Naked Bartender Competition at the Time Warner Center. The competitors, all hoping to become real-time bartenders, wore aprons and shorts (ok so they weren’t FULLY naked, c’mon we’re classy here!) and mixed their way into the hearts of passers-by.

Present was a panel of no-nonsense judges, including Celia Chen, Founder & Editor of Notes on a Party, and Joaquin Simo, a bartender at the ultra-chic New York City lounge, whittled down the competition. The six Naked Bartender hopefuls were scored on their creative and classic cocktail creation, a judges’ challenging Q&A and on-the-spot consumer questions.

Carlo Romero, a California transplant, eventually won. His favorite cocktail, “The Big Apple”, is a refreshing mix of vodka, Stirrings Appletini, and Stirrings Ginger Ale.

“I’m extremely excited to tour the country on behalf of Stirrings as the Naked Bartender,” said Carlo Romero.  “My lifestyle is all about serving the best natural ingredients so I’m excited to encourage my fans to embrace the all-natural lifestyle as well.”

“The Big Apple” sounds like something we may have to try this summer. Enjoy the flicks, they are quite delicious!

If you missed out on The Naked Bartender event, you can still participate in all of the all-natural excitement. Visit and the Stirrings Facebook page to view recipes, photos and video messages directly from The Naked Bartender.  In fall, 2010, Carlo will also tour the states, conducting cocktail demos and encouraging consumers to celebrate the all-natural lifestyle with Stirrings.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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