iOS4 Updating…

25 Jun

Apple released the update every fanboy and fangirl has been waiting for. The new 4.0 software promises many features we’ve been craving since the initial announcement. There are promises of over 100 new updates to the old operating system for the mobile device. Highlights of what can we expect…

MULTITASKING Now third party apps are able to run in the background, and the user will be able to easily switch between apps without disruption. This means Pandora will keep playing when you tap over to check your inbox.

FOLDERS Alas…organization! Easy drag and drop feature of apps into selected folders. It allows the iPhone to hold up to 2160 apps! (Unless you’ve jailbroken your phone, these features will amaze you)

iBOOKS The most exciting add-on feature to the software — no longer exclusive to the iPad. Just like the Kindle and the nook, now you can browse, shop and read your favorite titles on the handheld.

5x DIGITAL ZOOM + TAP TO FOCUS VIDEO Self explanatory. Investments in large clunky devices are no longer needed, unless you’re pro.

BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD Support. Yes, for whatever reason, when you need to write up an essay on your iPhone, you can now type with ease with the use of a physical keyboard. Sometimes desperate times calls for desperate measures.

This should hold me over until I get my hands on an iPhone4.


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