It’s Raining GlamRocks!

9 Jun

The summer is quickly approaching (contrary to the weather in NYC right now), and now’s the time for flowing fabrics, shining skin and BOLD accessories!

Enter Glamrocks, aka “FingerCandy”, from Les Filles sont Chic (LFsC). These beautiful stones, hand-wrapped in metallic wires, are the perfect accessory to a simple tank or a cascading maxi dress. Each stone has its own personality, named for the beautiful hues in which they are arranged. Rosé (Fuschia),  L’océan (Blue) , Perle (Pearl), and Mangue (Mango) are what the ladies offer.

My personal fave is the GlamRocks Rainbow Galaxy piece, which is a stunning combination of all four stones.

Created by Coco & Clotaire, a fashion duo of sister love, Les Filles sont Chic is inspired by a combination of elegance, lust, prints, furs, emotion, and most certainly eccentricity. To slip your finger into one of these stoned beauties, visit Chez Clotaire. Also, follow LFsC on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook. Remember, Girls are Chic!


CocoClotaire of LFsC was so kind as to send me a gift. The ring is great! Heavy and bold, this statement piece really needs no introduction and can hold down the show on its own! Love.

Also, check out LFsC’s new promotional video. It includes still shots of their new collection and contact information. Go shop!


2 Responses to “It’s Raining GlamRocks!”

  1. James June 10, 2010 at 4:03 AM #

    Clo and Coco are the best! Glamrocks FC are the coolest rings I’ve ever seen.

  2. Coco & Clotaire of LFsC June 10, 2010 at 4:36 AM #

    I saw this on our FB Fan page and was baffled at your passion for GlamRocks!

    How sweet and eloquent are your words!

    My favorite line is “Created by Coco & Clotaire, a fashion duo of sister love”
    I strongly agree, without love for Coco and vise-versa this brand would be nonexistent. It is from those days when we sit in our Apt watching our S&TC boxset on repeat and reminiscing on our separate childhoods before uniting circa ’00 that the passion also rises.
    Each Rock is from the heart, form by a memory, tangled by love.

    We are all glamorous by birth but it is our bond that is our ROCK.

    Thank you Ms. Brown for sharing our passion, we appreciate you Empress and support your movement!

    Coco & Clotaire
    Maison LFsC

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