Summer Just Screams Vanilla!

28 May

Do you guys smell that? Applewood…..Hickory, no?

Take a good whiff! Come on, you don’t even smell the first smoldering charcoal brickette of the season under a newly purchased grill? I live for a summer barbecue, and with Memorial day right around the corner the BBQ season will be well underway! Hanging with friends, catching up, and enjoying good food will all be penciled in on everyone’s summer schedule.

But what if you have to plan the menu or bring a dish to the function? Crab cakes with Vanilla Remoulade are always a succulent satiates. Lemon-Bleu stuffed tomatoes are a tangy treat. How about summer time drinks to fill party goers glasses? These menu items and more can be made with Nielson-Massey Vanillas.

Now I know when you think of vanilla, you think of something essentially sweet – not really what you go for with a barbecue. But vanilla isn’t just an ice cream option anymore. It highlights and brings out other flavors when used in savory dishes.

Nielson-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla added to mild chipotle peppers, and ground cumin make for excellent Apricot Mango BBQ ribs. Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla, soy sauce, and extra virgin olive oil create a succulent Vanilla Honey Marinade. You can even opt for a mixture of Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract, 2cups white grape juice and 4cups cranberry juice to create a Red Splash Cooler.

Head over to Nielson-Massey to get more creative menu options for your summer time gathering!


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