Frenemy Shoes

7 May

It is my civic duty to try and save people from themselves when it comes to fashion blunders.  One HUGE err, my friends, are that of FitFlops.  A hideous shoe designed for comfort and the benefit of “exercise” whilst you walk, FitFlops are more like an attempt to make everyone look ugly so people with real style look even BETTER. My theory is that whomever came up with the clever idea is not only rolling in the dough, as many homely housewives and the like are seen sporting (pun intended) them, but is extremely proud (and smug) due to the fact that they look infinitely better than the chump masses who paid for the shoes.  Tragedy.

Really, really, REALLY bad idea!

Here’s an idea: Exercise! Actually DO exercise – Walk in normal shoes, like sneakers or better yet run; take a dance class; swim; just please don’t wear those shoes. Whatever you do, you should do it with style and this is not style.


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