Cinco de Mayo: Keep it cute!

4 May

We have all met these fine, fine gentleman before. Patron may have met you after work. Jose may have been there for you when things got rough. And Don? Oh Don, how we love you so.

If you’re like me, you’ve had one of the above tequilas at one time or another. And if you have experienced all three, we won’t judge you. It’s okay to dip into them all!

Cinco de Mayo just SCREAMS Tequila, so dust off your sombreros and let’s get down! Don’t grab the salt and limes just yet because we have a surprise…

Her name is Rosangel.

Check under the hood for cocktail recipes and the fabulous and exclusive restaurant in NYC that serves Rosangel at the bar!

With all the guacamole and chips you will be rolling in on May 5th, your calorie count will burst into flames. “Tequila and calories”, you think?

The sad truth is:

(alcohol) + (nachos) + (burritos) + (all the other -os) = overkill.

::Sigh:: So lets cut that depressing caloric memory in half by drinking Rosangel, a new low calorie, and first and only hibiscus infused tequila! A sunset pink hue with hints of vanilla, floral and ripe fruit notes, you can definitely be the fabulous doll at the party sipping your  Rosangel “Pink Margarita” while you snicker as your  guy secretly gains weight while drinking his Corona! Wanna be ultra fab for Cino de Mayo? Try out some of these Rosangel Cocktails and shake and stir for your girlfriends!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can also enjoy your Rosangel drink while eating hand made guacamole tableside at Dos Caminos restaurant! Dos Caminos is a very popular and trendy restaurant with various locations around New York City  serving fabulous Mexican food and serving Rosangel Tequila at the bar! Cheers! And have a happy, safe, and of course delicious holiday!

Dos Caminos

373 Park Ave S.

New York, NY 10016



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