3 Cool Ways to Extend Your Online Identity into Real Life

4 May
Our generation is so wired to its smartphones and social media communities that sometimes using your old school business card doesn’t cut it anymore. More information is now exchanged via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn during networking sessions. I mean who really still carries a business card, right?
…Professionals do. No matter how much you think adding info to your iPhone or Blackberry is enough, the fact of the matter is…business card exchange hasn’t become extinct just yet. There are, however, ways to bridge that gap between your online and real life identities through your business card…
1. stickybits recently launched and it allows you to use barcodes to attach (“tag”) information to an object (business card). They also have a mobile app you can download to scan these barcodes for iPhone and Android phones. You can either print these stickers and stick them to your business cards, or scan the barcodes of everyday items. You can attach a video/picture or even your resume to be associated to that unique barcode. (If you’re creative you can give an object its own story using stickybits)

2. QR codes (generator) is a more dated version of attaching digital content to offline objects. Like the idea behind stickybits, you can download the app to scan the codes and retrieve that token piece of information. Neoreader is what I use on my iPhone, but you can just do a quick search for your respective phones.
Speaking of tokens, oops I mean Pokens….

3. Poken is the cutest of the three forms of integrating social media into your real life. A Poken is basically a usb stick that stores your social media profiles and contact information. To exchange information, all you have to do is tap the Poken with another and you immediately have the other party’s info stored in yours. The best part about this is when you plug your Poken into your computer, you can retrieve all your contacts’ social media profiles in chronological order.
Is this just another dreamy geek toy or do you think this is the future of business cards as we know it? Let us know what you think!

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