Who Needs Another Apple Fangirl?

28 Apr

Another treat this week is our introduction of Tineey to you all! Who better than a nerd-girl fashionista to guide you through IT and gizmodo funstuffs? Be sure to check out her other life here 🙂

You do.

because you want a buddy to keep you focused & awake when you’re both camping out in front of the Apple store 3 days before the launch of the new 4G iPhone

and you want someone to help walk you through the steps for jailbreaking that same iPhone you bought

then be there... when you’ve realized that it was one BIG mistake and want the factory settings back

You will realize that it’s nice to have your Apple-lovin’ new TECHY friend by your side, because sometimes, she’s just willing to look the other way when you want to try out other new gadgets.

But most of all

She won’t be able to resist the urge to test out those new toys with you & tell the whole world about it too! (Apple or not).


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