What’s Really a Big Girl?

27 Apr

“People come in all shapes and sizes!”….something we tell children from a young age, encouraging them to accept tall, short, skinny, and fat alike.  Then comes the reality of adolescent and adult life.  “People come in all shapes and sizes” “Tall and thin is ideal.”

As any American knows, we’re not want for food. While some overindulge, there are those who treat food as the enemy, and both are wrong.  The obsession with beauty and the perfect body is something that may fluctuate in terms of where the exact emphasis is placed, but is an ever-present entity, regardless of era.   And we all participate.  I, myself, am currently in the process of shaping up, (lighter and leaner is the goal with 8 lbs off already) but never at the cost of my sanity or self love; healthiness and comfort are the goal.  Women truly are beautiful, and should never allow themselves to fall into any extreme.

Here’s a taste of reality:

If you haven’t heard the hoopla over this Lane Bryant commercials, here’s the long and the short of it:  various channels did not want to air it due to the ‘inappropriate nature’ of it’s content, such as her large breasts.  Aka, she’s a little too voluptuous for the nation’s eyes.  Tig ol’ bitties prove to be too much skin for evening time blocks but this is fine:

Now is the problem really the woman?  Or the size of the woman? Let’s be fair and say that there’s way more sex being thrown at us with the (and any) Victoria’s Secret ad.  The Lane Bryant commercial never shows a full body shot of the model and has her half covered in a trench part of the time.  What’s the issue again? You decide.


One Response to “What’s Really a Big Girl?”

  1. nana April 28, 2010 at 1:15 PM #

    Glamazon, I love u! That’s all!

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