Dinner is on me tonight!

26 Apr

Masque Magazine would love to introduce our new certified Foodie, Christopher, to you!

::puts fork down::

Mmmm….. that was good! I love when I can put my fork down and say “Geez, I cant wait to eat here again.” Eat where? Just ask! Better yet let me suggest where you will have one of those ‘damn I cant wait to eat here again’ experiences.

Fork hitting the plate..lustful glaze over your eyes as you bite into something so wonderful, so delicious.. drink something so creative…FOCUS AND COME BACK TO ME! You couldn’t have wanted good food at a better time!

Hey all! Im Christopher, the newest edition to the beautiful ladies of Masque Magazine. I am a true foodie! Im talking about random-fork-and-spoon-in-my-bag-get-outta-bed-at-2am-for-a-snack-Urbanspoon-restaurant-locator-app-on-my-blackberry foodie. I know a cookie shop that stays open till 4am foodie (dont judge me!). My life is food, my education is food. I hope you’re hungry because this will be delicious…


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