Substance Abuse is NOT a Joke…

4 Sep

It’s time for us to get serious for a second.

In a time when a lot of folk are down in the dumps (this recession is a killer), people develop vices. But we PLEASE ask of you that you do NOT turn to substances. Not only do you hurt yourselves, you hurt your family and your friends.

Maia Campbell, who we’ve all known as Tiffany from the UPN sitcom In The House, starring LL Cool J, has been caught on camera in a clearly disillusioned state. The video is very disturbing and is NSFW, so please be mindful:

It has been rumored that after Maia’s father passed, she turned to drugs and pornography – and now prostitution. We seriously urge ALL OF YOU to be mindful and respect your bodies and souls. If you are feeling a certain way, please seek help. Do not allow substances to consume you.

If you see someone in a situation and they need help, PLEASE have an open mind, an open heart, and open arms. UPLIFT one another, do not poke fun.

We truly wish this video circulating the web opens people’s eyes to Ms. Campbell’s situation and someone decides to help her. We’ll be keeping her in our thoughts…


One Response to “Substance Abuse is NOT a Joke…”

  1. Goldchain September 10, 2009 at 5:03 AM #

    I was told once that people in these situations have to choose to help themselves

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