Can Chris Rock Find Out Who Has “GOOD HAIR”??

3 Sep

Chris Rock has a new movie/documentary hitting theaters in October titled “Good Hair”

Check out the Preview:

Chris Rock made this movie for his daughter that wanted to know why she doesn’t have good hair.  That situation is oh so sad but Im glad to see that the issues that have plagued African American woman for 400 years are finally coming to mainstream media.  As botched up as a job that Trya did on her talk show referring to “good and bad hair” I’m happy that she addressed it.  Our hair can be the topic of conversation across many different communities but unfortunately most of the problems lie within us.  From the video of the mother viciously combing through her child’s hair calling her nappy and other types of obscenities to the black woman that like “The White Girl Flow”… we got issues.   I hope that when black woman see these movies and watch these shows, we can start to delve deeper into ourselves and discover the beauty that we all carry.


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