A Souvenir for my Mom.

1 Jun

This past year, we’ve been a part of something truly historic. The monumental election of our great president, Barack Obama, had the entire country experiencing something we’ve been yearning for for some time now – a true unity that was beyond words.

Nnamdi Osuagwu of Ice Cream Melts knew that this was an event that needed to be documented. Because so many of us couldn’t make it out to the inauguration, something like “A Souvenir for my Mom” is priceless. Nnamdi walks around to the multicultural, multiracial, multireligious, multi-everything crowd at inauguration and gets comments and very different perspectives from the onlookers. 

The very beautiful, emotional accounts of the 2009 inauguration that are featured in “A Souvenir for my Mom” are definitely something worth checking out. Take a peek here:

for more info visit the “A Souvenir for my Mom” site, or visit Nnamdi at Ice Cream Melts.

About Ice Cream Melts:

Ice Cream Melts, LLC is a cutting edge Publishing and Production Company that specializes in ‘Human Element’ projects within film and literature. Human Element projects capture the raw emotions and energy of the people.

All of the books published by Ice Cream Melts,LLC are interactive and have an associated online social networking component. These components enable readers and site visitors to interact on the company’s website (www.IceCreamMelts.com) through blogging, vlogging (videoblogging) or just sharing comments based on topics read in the book.


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