I love NYC Street Fairs!

30 May


There is no better surprise than jumping off the train for a light stroll on Broadway only to run smack dab into a genuine New York City Street Fair.  The sun is shining and a mixture of gyros, grilled corn and funnel cakes spill in the air.  Tie-dyed dresses and extravagant pashmina scarves hang from the stands.  For blocks and blocks, the pedestrian  friendly streets are crowded with strollers, the elderly, the young, romantic couples and loners.  There is a blues musician playing on one corner and someone selling plants and flowers on another.  


NYC street fairs are so awesome because they only happen in the summer.  They can be up to a mile long and randomly dispersed around Manhattan.  There are some in the mid-60’s on Fashion Ave, some in the Financial District, others on the Upper West Side and every where in between.  Please check them out, if you haven’t already had the pleasure.  Not only is it a great place to nab one-of-a-kind items but it makes for a wonderful time out with friends, family, and most of all, yourself 🙂


Here is the schedule of the City’s Fairs, so you don’t always have to be surprised, like myself!


One Response to “I love NYC Street Fairs!”

  1. Cynthia May 31, 2009 at 3:11 PM #

    I know what you mean -Last year I ran across a dog costume parade. 600 dogs in costumes!-It was the cutest thing ever!

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