Crazy Masque: I tried natural hair

21 May

So last night I tried to do my hair natural for the first time, and I looked like this:

My boyfriend re-confirmed by stating it himself, “Gold, you look like a chuckie doll
Then he changed his mind. He said, ” No Gold, you look like that green dude BLANKA, from street fighter
Then he said, ” You know, what…not even. You look like that guy Vega from Dragon Ball Z
Then after he saw that I was pissed…”Ok Gold, I really don’t care about your hair…you drive me crazy…but I worry about what they will say at your job.

I proceeded to pull up to a bus stop burst into tears and tell him “Get the F%*K” out my car.

Ok I’m lying …about the “Get the F%*K” out my car part. But I cried so hard last night my eyes are swollen. He felt so bad, he apologized and said “This is my fault, I’m sorry for pressuring you Gold“…because ultimately, THE ONLY reason why I didn’t get my normal full head of weave was because he said he really wanted to see my “Natural Beauty“. I’m cute…with weave, or without…BUT for me…going natural is different than most people I’ve read that went through the journey of going natural. I can go natural. Anyone can…but for me its the difference between looking 26 years old and looking 14. Corporate vs Playground. Clubbing vs Club Med.

Even my mom, who sorry to say doesn’t have the best sense when it comes to hair and fashion said…”Maybe you should skip church and go get your hair re-done.” Well I am. All you church go-ers…say a special prayer for me and my hair follicles. Thanks.

*the views expressed by Gold are not indicative of how all of us feel. clearly, we love natural beauties, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions 🙂


3 Responses to “Crazy Masque: I tried natural hair”

  1. Yolanda May 23, 2009 at 5:03 AM #

    Trust me when I say I went through the same exact thing! I’m no longer natural…and I may or may not consider going back, but I’m also not relaxed either…just at the texlaxed stage…the sort of in between. I consider my hair more of a fashion statement, and having worn almost every style there is, I can say that natural was probably the most freeing stage as well as experimental, but as with anything, I soon got tired of it (as well as the dryness and shedding).

    I did however keep an online picture journal of my journey for 2 years as something to look back on (unfortunately I haven’t renewed the subscription or else I’d share the link). But for now, I think I’m sticking with my cornrows. I don’t feel like dealing with any type of hair: natural or relaxed! lol

    • Kelly. May 26, 2009 at 3:51 PM #

      haha i hear that! I’ll probably resort to the same when I get to that point!

  2. Camille May 28, 2009 at 2:50 AM #

    Awww…atleast your loved ones told you the truth instead of having you walk the streets looking like Amy Winehouse.

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