Yeah I watch B-ball…

6 May


Im sitting here watching my husband (to the rest of the world that would be LeBron James) and the Cavs play against the Atlanta Hawks in the semi-finals.  I don’t watch sports by myself often, but I do favor basketball. The Cavaliers are my favorite team and not much else is on TV: a winning combination for an at-home sports extravaganza. Men love sports like women fancy shopping.  Now I don’t know all the technical terms, plays and shots, but after watching a game or two, I can hold a decent conversation regarding the topic.  I am always intrigued to hear the tone in a man’s voice when he asked the question “You like basketball/ football?”. It is usually of pleasant surprise and rising curiosity about my make-up. I tend to think that men find a woman more attractive if she expresses some interest in sports.  But what if she likes sports ALOT more than him?  What if she yelled over him at the TV and had a mourning period after each loss from her favorite teams.

Do you think her sports fanaticism is a complete turn on for him or a turn off? Wanting to talk is now being replaced with trying to squeeze in to a comfy seat  between him and his buddies during halftime.  Would he embrace this commonality or push away for his “alone time”.  Although I would love for my hubby to accompany me more on my ramped shopping sprees, I don’t know how I would feel if he started directing me to pick different shirts that would show off the pattern in my shoes and nodding to my girlfriends for my their approval.  Might be a little weird…

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Side note: Doesn’t Varejao have the best hair in the NBA!!


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