“What’s YOUR Masque?”…I. Eugenia

27 Apr


It’s not very often you find a young woman who is so passionate and completely honest about everything she does. It is a great pleasure to introduce Miss I. Eugenia to you all! She has a sincere respect for anything art and everything real. I. Eugenia is the mind behind “Blank. Bare. Clean.”, a blog dedicated to anything art. When describing it, she says:

Where my passions become airborne. Art for people who are not afraid of nay sayers’ BLANKstares, or the thrill of being challenged by a BAREcanvas, and last but not least those who are living REAL life— the type of life that occassionally summons you to seek a CLEANslate. I invite you to exhale with me… and live a tad bit more fearlessly than you did the day before.

Take a journey with us, and get to know a little more about her…


Are you a patron of the arts? If so, what is your passion?

Absolutely! I thoroughly enjoy attending art exhibitions, visiting art museums, and attending art galas. What is my passion? Simple. Discovering the type of art that makes one stop and think; and sharing it with my fellow passionate and those seeking to ignite their passion.

 What is your definition of art/artistic?

My definition of “art” would be anything that exudes pure expression. As such, to be “artistic” would be to be one’s self in the purest form. We are all artists! I mean think about it! Whoever created us and this great universe that we live in, is an artist themselves. We are merely works from a Creator’s hands, and as such, like anything under the sun, we are made with a purpose.- RE-create! So my question to the world is: What kind of art do you create?

 Who is your favorite artist? Why?

 Wow! There are so many to name. I would say the artists that have been the most influential to me have been the dynamic illustration duo, Leo and Diane Dillon. From childhood up to now, as a young adult, I look at their work and I become flustered with creativity. The way they illustrate black women is yet to be paralleled in my view.

What is your favorite art piece? Why?

Again, there are too many to name! Hmmm, my favorite piece of art at the moment is Roy by Will Wilson. The purity of this portrait is so profound. So much so, that I felt led to dedicate a post on my blog to the tried souls of black men. Good art will do that to ya! It is a classic.



What is your staple product? 

Cocoa or Shea Butter. They both are heavenly on lips, elbows, feet, and any general dry spots. I swear by it.

 What’s your favorite hairstyle?

I love wearing my hair natural. I simply shampoo, deep-condition, apply leave-in conditioner, braid, dry, unravel, and separate. Voila! I’ve learned to stretch this look for up to two weeks.

 Are you a do-it-yourself girl, or do you visit salons regularly? If so, which one?

 I’m a do-it-yourself girl for sure. I only visit the salon if I absolutely do not feel like doing my hair myself.



Which section of Barnes & Noble would we find you sitting in?

Definitely the art and design section. Honestly, any bookstore is my favorite place to be in the entire world! I love educating myself about art techniques and graphic design applications. Oh, and you may also catch me in the Health & Wellness section.- I’m trying to be a tad bit more health-conscious these days. LOL.



How would you describe your personal style?

 My personal style is comfortable. I dress out of comfort. However, I’m a huge fan of bold colors and daring color combinations.

 What piece do you think is essential for every woman to have in her closet?

 A great pair of classic black stilettos. You can bargain with clothing, but a nice pair of shoes should never be optional.

 Who is your favorite designer? Why?

My favorite designer is Rachel Roy. I love her androgynous designs. I’m a huge fan of demure yet daring fashion. I really admire that Rachel Roy- being a stunningly beautiful woman herself, dares to wear and design clothing that is not so much trendy and uber-girly but, rather clever and intriguing.  Her designs have great versatility and function for today’s multi-faceted woman. 

What is your definition of “style”?

Individuality in all its grandeur! Style is “you” at your finest.



What is your definition of “healthy”?

Balance. Too much on anything, is a bad thing. I believe health starts from the inside out. If you only change the outside and forfeit the opportunities for improvement within, than your are building a house made of glass.

What is your favorite way to exercise? (i.e. gym, running, swimming, biking?)

My favorite exercise is Power Yoga and lifting.  Power Yoga conditions my body and helps me center myself, while lifting helps tone my special needs areas.

What is your health regimen/ are your healthy habits?

My health regimen is maintaing the proper amounts of water, sleep, exercise, and giving. You may ask, “Giving?!” Yes, I have found giving to be one of the best ways to bring balance into my life. If I can’t volunteer my money, I try to volunteer time. It keeps me sane and happy!- And that is health folks!

Why is being healthy important to you?

Your health is your true wealth. Your mind, body, and soul are gifts. If you do not choose to sustain them, you will not be able to reap the benefits of your laborious deeds. I cherish my health. What God gives, he can also take away.- And quite frankly, I’m trying to keep mine as long as possible.



What is your favorite song of all time?

Real Love- Mary J. Blige/  This was the first piece of music that I ever purchased. I had my lil’ 2nd grade chore money and I was ready to buy that cassette single!…Yes, cassette! This song was the first song that I cared enough to know ALL the word to. What does a 2nd grader know about “real love”?- Not too much! But that wasn’t the point. The point was that even at that age, I felt her lyrics speaking to me. “Real Love” reminds me of how music should make you feel.

Who is your favorite artist/band?

Mary J. Blige/  My love for her art goes so deep that if I saw her today, and she played me to the left, I would still rock with her to the end. Her music has transformed my life so much so, that even she could never take that from me. Her music is for people whose lives aren’t so melodic but, rather rhythmic- yet beautiful all the same. The raw unadulterated nature of her voice pierces through critic’s voice performance theories. Her lyrics and sincerity has carved out a lane that is all her own. And for that I will be a Mary J. Blige fan till the end.

What song gets you going in the morning?

Outkast- Ghetto Musick/ Not only do I owe numerous prompt morning arrivals to this song, but I also owe many profound undergraduate papers and exams to it. Short on caffeine or Red Bull?… It has yet to fail me. 

What is playing on your mp3 player right now?

The Foreign Exchange, Muhsinah, Alice Smith, and Esperanza Spalding.

Any up and coming artists you look forward to seeing/hearing more from?

I’m looking forward to hearing great things from Muhsinah. Her voice is so rich with raw vocal delivery. Whenever I hear her, I feel like I’m at one of her intimate concerts, which I have yet to experience! But, that should tell you something about sista-girl’s talent!



What piece of technology can you not live without?

My laptop! If all else fails, please just give me my laptop- and Wi-fi ofcourse. With the recent launch of  Blank.Bare.Clean, it is practically attached to my lap.

PC or Mac?

PC, for now. Although, I’m starting to quench my thirst for graphic design knowledge. – So, that might be changing soon. I hear Mac’s are a designer’s bestfriend.

How many devices do you walk around with at once?

That’s a funny question! You know- my problem is not with numerous devices, as much as it is with trillions of open tabs and windows on my PC. LOL! I have an uncanny ability to research a vague fact till no end. My friends make fun of me because of my profound fact research skills. Its a mix of my huge curiosity for knowing the truth and a  bit of mild over compulsive behavior.

Be sure to check out I. Eugenia at Blank. Bare. Clean.!!


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  1. Queen Tahj April 29, 2009 at 2:35 PM #

    An Amazing Individual! Wonderful Talent!

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