DailyCandy Weddings!!

14 Apr



DailyCandy, my favorite e-subscription, has just launched DAILYCANDY WEDDINGS!! I am absolutely giddy and overcome with joy. ::deep breath::

For those who are not so aware, DailyCandy is just what it sounds like – it’s daily drops of joy into my inbox, hooking ladies up with discounts, great places to go, things to do, and people to see.

So of course I am ecstatic about this new site launch. Most girls I know dream of planning their weddings, their friends weddings, etc etc. I’m sure this site is going to be a great little gem. Check out the e-mail I got from them this morning ::bouncy!!::

We’ve waited for so long, but the time is just right. Now, here on bended knee, there’s something we’ve been dying to ask you, and we hope you’ll say yes …

Wanna check out DailyCandy Weddings?

It’s a new site hopelessly devoted to you and your big day.

Take the leap and find unconventional inspiration for setting the scene (dream destination at home!), floral trends (shell bouquets!), and new frock designers (ecofriendly gowns that aren’t scratchy!). There are first-dance songs for every kind of couple, menu ideas for hungry masses, and a whole lot of fresh ideas on how to make your wedding day, well, yours.

Go ahead and help spread the word to brides-to-be.

You might just like it — weddy or not.
Check it out at dailycandy.com/weddings.

So go on ahead and check it out ladies, I’m promising you’ll love it! 🙂


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