HI, sorry, do you have a quarter?

3 Apr

Cuz I told my Mom id call her the MINUTE i fell in love.

That is precisely what i would say to Mr. Kellan Lutz if i ran into him on the street. LOL not really. side note** how much IS a pay phone now-a-days?

Kellan plays his roles very well if you ask me.

Heres the Gentelman in the street..


Read after the jump to see the freak in the sheets. šŸ™‚


who likes em dirty!!!


i do, i do!

haha. If you ladies want to see bodies like this in person, visit your nearest gym they are bound to be in there.

Ok so theres the Rhyme.

Heres the Reason:
He loves to SWIM to keep in shape and he is into the sport of BOXING. siiigh imagine that.
He keeps up his figure as a hobby but also he HAS to in order to keep up his acting and modeling roles.

You can spot Kellan Lutz in former abercrombie and fitch advertisements, he has a small part in the 90210 TV series, and in movies such as Stick It, Prom Night, Twilight, the Twilight Saga that is currently being filmed- New Moon, and the action movie Warrior.

your welcome šŸ™‚


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