The pain of Betrayal

28 Mar

When we met he told me how beautiful I was. He called me “Babe” and “Sweetie”.  He had such swagger like he knew me from way before.

Three months of dating, he said he loved me. He would say he “wants me to be his wife, the mother of his kids”. The thought never crossed my mind that school began in three weeks and I would be  leaving New York for three years. Every day we spoke on the phone, endless conversations about what he was doing? How was his day?

After those three years, we decided now is the time for us to be together. I was to move back to New York so we could be together and start our lives together.

Then the day happened. The day no woman looks towards. The day her best friend of 15 years says she’s pregnant by the man you are laying right next to. The look of pain, disgust and shame crept across my face. The fact that she called me to tell me and didn’t know he was in my bed was priceless; My mind quickly went to all the times they would end up together in social scenes.

Until this very day, he calls me saying he made a mistake; He opted for convenience.

Sitting here wondering, Did he love me or not?


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