Hi Hater! The Unfortunate Degradation of Real Women- Current Target: Kim Kardashian

28 Mar

During my daily browse of news articles this morning at work, I ran across something that always irritates me to death – the nitpicking of yet another normal looking celebrity. Kim Kardashian, known for her beauty and her….beauty, has recently been quoted saying “SO WHAT” to the ridicule over her minor cellulite. In pictures by Complex Magazine, Ms. Kardashian has been retouched, including the minimizing her waist, arms, and the smoothing out of her legs. The uproar is ridiculous considering it’s not a secret that photos are retouched all the time, everywhere, for every magazine. Plus, it’s not as if anything was drastically changed – she was slightly refined.

Bottom line: she’s gorgeous, and I’m sure Reggie Bush isn’t complaining. Those of us who don’t like to dwell in ignorance knows that anyone woman who looks like a woman has cellulite and stretch marks. Those of us who are ALIVE might have other imperfections, like scars *gasp!* Lest we forget, fashion and Hollywood is largely run by gay men and self-loathing women (let’s be real), so the “standard” of beauty is heavily slanted; the aforementioned, respectively, like males and because they hate themselves are never satisfied.

I happen to live in the real world and wish that other’s would join me. Kim a beautiful, real woman. Stop hating.

posted by: Glamazon324


One Response to “Hi Hater! The Unfortunate Degradation of Real Women- Current Target: Kim Kardashian”

  1. Kelly. March 28, 2009 at 7:29 PM #

    amen sister!!

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