Working Out: Tip of the Day

25 Mar

6 Steps to Fab Abs

1: Develop The RIGHT Attitude First
2: Nutrition ‘You MUST Eat CLEAN If You Want To Develop LEAN ABS!
3: Increase Your Fish Oil Supplementation
4: DON’T Drink Your Calories
5: Train Metabolically, Not Aerobically
6: Use Athletic Abdominal Exercises and Routines For Better ABS

According to ShapeFit read below the jump for more details on each step 🙂

1: Develop The RIGHT Attitude First: Serious Attitude + Serious Application = Serious Results

Accept the fact that ‘FAT LOSS’ is hard. Remember fat loss (removing the fat from your midsection) is the most important element in achieving your six-pack or tightly sculpted midsection. So you must accept this because when you do you will approach your fat loss training and abdominal development much more serious and begin to focus on what you need to do in order to achieve your goals.

Going to the gym 3-4 times a week and training hard while there is not enough if you dont address your bad habits OUTSIDE of the gym. A lifestyle change is a requirement!

2: Nutrition:You MUST Eat CLEAN If You Want To Develop LEAN ABS!

You can’t EAT WHAT YOU WANT and achieve the BODY YOU WANT! I wish it wasn’t this way, but it is, so again this is another fact we all have to accept and once you do you can move forward and get serious about developing that six-pack.

Your nutritional plan should be simple to implement and follow. (you do not need to starve yourself in order to achieve a six-pack.) You simply need to follow smart nutritional strategies and repeat them over and over again. Here are a few nutrition basics for eating clean:

  • Eat lean proteins such as skinless chicken breast, turkey breast and lean cuts of beef.
  • Eat omega 3 eggs and if eating cheese do so in very small amounts, choosing low fat options.
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce your intake of dairy.
  • Eat your GREENS and lots of them. Go raw or lightly steam!!!
  • Eat your fruits, but don’t overdo them. 1-2 servings a day MAX! It’s still SUGAR, so be careful!
  • Don’t fear the FAT. Choose healthy fats, such as nuts, natural peanut butter and oily fish like salmon.
  • Time your higher content carbohydrate meals around your workouts (pre or post workout)
  • Use a quality fish oil supplementation and increase dosage over time.
  • Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time.
  • DO NOT DIET or Try STARVING Yourself!!!

People, who have a list of foods that they eat over and over, again and again make most successful body transformations. They may combine some of the foods differently to create different dishes, but the foods they consume are pretty much the same on a daily and weekly basis.

TIP FOR VEGGIES: Add some freshly squeezed lemon juice over your greens. It makes a HUGE difference to the taste and makes easy to consume for those who haven’t got much of a palette for green veggies!

3: Increase Your Fish Oil Supplementation!

If you aren’t already taken a quality fish oil supplementation, it is strongly recommend you start using one. PROVIDED you are going to combined it with training and training of an intensive nature. Don’t expect to swallow some fish oil capsules and hey presto your abdominal fat will start to vanish. I’m afraid not.

You need to combine fish oil supplementation with training in order to get more fat loss than training alone. This is about as close as you can get to non-surgical spot reduction.

4: DON’T Drink Your Calories!

This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Liquid calories are so easy to consume, but they do not please you, nor your waistline. ALSO, many people don’t even figure in the calories from liquids when tallying up their cals. They almost always forget about the 2 glasses of OJ (SUGAR) and the 1 can of soda they have each day.

Along with saying no to fruit juices and sodas, you should also try and eliminate all other liquid calories, such as milk, smoothies and the booze. If you’re SERIOUS about attaining that six-pack, you’ll be able to say no to these items, at least for a few weeks or months. You don’t have to never drink beer again, but if you want to jump-start your six-pack development kiss it good-bye for now.

5: Train Metabolically, Not Aerobically!

The objective is to remove the layer of fat covering your abdominals. In order to do that you need to create a metabolic disturbance and you will achieve this via higher intensity anaerobic exercise, such as moderate-heavy resistance training, circuit training, sprinting, interval training and some other useful training methods and protocols.

6: Use Athletic Abdominal Exercises and Routines For Better ABS!

Direct AB training IS NOT the key to developing great abs and  ALWAYS make sure to address the key components when looking to get abs to show, which is nutrition and the metabolic type work just discussed in tip number 5.

NOTE: The only abdominal crunch exercise I like to perform and recommend is the SERRATUS CRUNCH. I prefer this crunch variation to all other variations as it only allows minimal lumbar flexion and is therefore much safer on your lower back.

6 tips six pack abs

The exercises I perform when doing AB work or AB circuits are exercises that require me to stabilize my lumbar spine and utilize the mobility of my thoracic spine, as well as anti-rotational exercises and overhead exercises, such as Y-Squats or Barbell Overhead Squats.

check out ShapeFit to learn more about ab work



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