Relationship Rant #5

25 Mar
2 degrees …and Im still an idiot.
Just because you’ve gone to the best schools in the country….
Just because you’ve been top of your class since pre-school….
Just because you’ve got pieces in a museum…

doesn’t mean you’re smart enough to pick a man.

relationship rant

I’m ass-shamed of myself because at the grand ole age of 26. I still cant pick the right person. I fall for the same tricks EVERY TIME. BUT AS OF TODAY…NO MORE… I will not fall for it. Here’s my study sheet of things that guys do and say that indicate THEY ARE LYING.

If he says…
Come see me, then I’ll come see you…HE LYING (he just want to bone)
I want learn more about your past boyfriends so I can be better…HE LYING (he want to know what he can get away with)
I bought this for you…HE LYING (he found it)
I want to meet your friends …HE LYING (he don’t like you…he likes your homegirl)
I want to explore the world together …HE LYING (he want to move out his mom’s house)

I want to settle down …HE LYING (He just trying to get you open)
I love you…HE LYING (again..he just trying to get you open)
I am not seeing anyone else …HE LYING (He’s boning 3 other girls that he’s techincally not “seeing” at the moment because they arent in front of his face)

This list will grow…because dudes stay testing me. But I’ll be ready.


picture by Id-iom


One Response to “Relationship Rant #5”

  1. believethis March 28, 2009 at 1:58 AM #

    But that’s what men do best.. Sometimes I think they took them out of gym class and taught these “Young Player”, how to pimp..Men lie, steal, cheat and get away with it all. Even when we know he’s lying the fact that he knows how to lay pipe makes us over look his flaws… He’s cute, He aint mean it, He said he won’t ever do it again.. But we know, he’s a man and all he knows how to be is as faithful as his options…My mother once said this game is not for them it’s for us… To prepare us for when the right one finally does come…. Live, Listen and learn….

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