Dress Up Your Junk

25 Mar

By now I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “no glove, no love”. But have you grown tired of your plain ole Lifestyles? Well if you and your honey are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing sheath, look no further than the French Letter Condom Company Ltd.

The British company offers condoms in red and yellow, studded and ribbed for extra stimulation, or in a variety of scents including vanilla and passion fruit. Each little raincoat comes in a shiny silver wrapper (like candy!) and they’re sold in beautifully designed boxes by the dozen.

What makes French Letter condoms even more awesome is that the company uses Fair Deal Trading. This means that workers on the rubber plantation are paid a fair wage and royalties from the condom sales go towards ensuring that they have health benefits and pensions. And, the condoms are completely vegan (no animal products)!

Of course, they are a little more pricey than your basic pack from the pharmacy. But if you’re willing to shell out  £8.99 ($13.20), you can find the couture coverings at frenchlettercondoms.co.uk or ethicalsuperstore.com

Source: Daily Candy


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