Beauty Tips for the Natural Sista: To Comb or Not to Comb

20 Mar

There is always something new that keeps popping up on the natural hair scene. Granted, this idea of not combing natural coily/kinky hair may not be new, it’s definitely worthy of taking notice. The hair fanatic inside of me definitely became alert when I first saw/heard of not combing my hair. Lisa Akbari, an African-American, female trichologist, made famous on YouTube, often talks about fingercombing which involves using your fingers to sift through your hair as opposed to wide-tooth comb or Denman brush.

Its a difficult idea to digest at first because a comb, hard bristle brush and some gel were always the essentials growing up in the good ol’ days. Telling people you do not comb your hair could get you some sideways looks and raised eyebrows. When posting on hair boards, many chicks responded with “won’t that make your hair fall out?” or “I can’t fingercomb, I don’t want dreadlocks!” But please ladies, do not even buy into this nonsense! When you think about it, we comb our hair to get rid of tangles. Most of the tangles come from when the curly strands wrap around each other. Taking a comb to that sometimes rips unnecessary strands from your hair. If your like me and suffer from excessive shedding, your trying to hold on to whatever you can.

Also, as I grow older and wiser, I am noticing that conventional hair supplies may not always be necessary in achieving a head full of beauty and lets face it, the comb may not really be a natural girl’s best friend. Most combs have seams in them which can pull out and/or rake against the hair strands. If one is extremely heavy handed (like myself!) you could end up with thinner hair and wilting strands- not a good look.

But, like anything, fingercombing is an art. I definitely had to train myself and be patient. Most of the time I can’t do it in the shower and it works best in sections. I use more conditioner or leave-in and I always braid or twist my hair after fingercombing each section. I make sure to get my roots good and proceed with styling as usual. I love it! I get less frizz and more curl definition and a hell of a lot less hair on the bathroom floor. It takes less time to me and the only tools I need is my hands.

I can’t say it works for everyone, and it takes some time getting used to it, but if RusticBeauty- Natural hair Guru of YouTube – can do it, anybody can. Nappturality has great threads on it and some YouTubers posted vids on how they fingercomb. Check it out, you might never pick up a comb again.

Lisa Akbari’s YouTube Page

YouTube user


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