Relationship Rant#4

15 Mar

I have the patience of a Tibetan monk with men. I wait…and wait…and wait…for them to “come around” when they are playing their games. Recently, I waited 11 months before the guy that I was talking/flirting with took me on a date. 11 months isn’t the longest either. Apparently, I love to waste my time, waiting for men who waste my time. I wait to date dead weight. These relationships never blossom into anything fruitful. After this last dating debacle, I questioned myself…Why do I tolerate such foolishness? I had no REAL good answer other than that I didn’t know my own worth. So, I decided to make an on-going list based on my past experiences to remind me of my worth.


Gold is Worth…
1. I think I’m worth at least 2 phone calls a week. Not too long…maybe 15 mintues at a time.
2. I’m worth a call on Valentines day. If we’re really talking….then you can at least holler on the love day.
3. At the lowest form of a relationship, I’m worth 1.5 dates a month
4. I’m worth a call on my birthday.
5. I’m worth the title of “Girlfriend” if i’m the only one you’ve been dating for maybe a year and have met your family
6. I’m worth being picked up for a date, rather than told to travel to meet a dude so he doesn’t have to travel
7. I’m worth your Trust if we’ve been talking/flirting/dating for a year and a half.
8. I’m worth a small confrontation if another dude slaps my ass in front of you and we’re dating…but wait…you dont believe #5. Maybe I should’ve left with the OTHER dude.

There’s a lot more that should be added to this list. But right now, I’m just pissed.


One Response to “Relationship Rant#4”

  1. believethis March 16, 2009 at 8:24 PM #

    love this it’s soo true.. this list is golden….it should be in the unwritten handbook…

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