March: Women’s History Month

13 Mar

In honor of Women’s History, librarians blogging @ NYPL will present a monthlong series of posts highlighting the many amazing women they’ve discovered through the print and online resources of The New York Public Library.

You can expect to hear from library staff covering a range of areas of expertise: Irish-American writers, women over fifty who have made a difference in the world, the three waves of feminism as recorded in the Manuscripts & Archives Division, the unexpected lives of women (was Julia Child really a spy?) as well as the quietly unassuming but thoroughly compelling histories held in the Milstein Division, and more. And in celebration of the women of today, the NYPL has partnered with the New York City Commission on Women’s Issues in their launch of the NYC Women’s Resource Network. The NYC Women’s Resource Network “is a free, user-friendly database of over 1,000 nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies that work to advance and benefit women and families in New York City.”

These organizations provide a range of services and information on topics like aging, childcare, domestic violence, employment and job training, health, immigration, LGBT, financial education, veterans, and more.

This March, we celebrate the dual roles libraries play in our lives: as a way to preserve and curate women’s history, and as community information providers, giving women of the present resources to improve their lives and set a path for the future.


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