Relationship Rants #2

11 Mar


There were two incidents where after a dude has broken up with me, I ran into them in the street. I either ignored them or just didn’t see them. Both times dude comes up to me and says, “Why you act like you don’t know me.”


WHYYYYY? We didn’t have a mutual break-up. YOU disappeared. I called several times, emailed, texted…and no response. WTF you MEAN ‘Why you act like you don’t know me?

Typical Questions from them:

Can I get a Hug?’. H-E-L-L- Noooooooooo.

‘What you been up to?’ Why do you want to know? Dating other people!

‘We should talk…’ You meannnn you want to beat.

‘Let’s go get a bite to eat at…’ Whoa…look at the time, I’m going to miss my…nap

They are out of their flipping minds. I try to be as cordial as possible, but don’t friggin come up to me like nothing happened. This isn’t MIB. That flashy thing that makes you forget doesn’t exist…The only flash you’ll see are the flames coming out my kicks as I run as fast as I can, away from you.

(photo by:bored-now)


One Response to “Relationship Rants #2”

  1. Stephanie March 11, 2009 at 3:46 PM #

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i love it

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