Dear Diary….

10 Mar

Bridging the gap…. one of the things I have found to be quite interesting is the generation gap between our generation and that of other generation after and even before us.

Women from the generation before ours were taught to be very submissive to the male of the household. Whatever he said was what was to be followed your opinion really didn’t matter. Cooking, cleaning and taking care of home was treasured.

Young women coming of age now are more independent and likely to do what they feel is to be done and less likely to listen to their mates in certain matters. When the question was first brought up, women were raised this way in order to catch and keep their husbands. This of course was the time when men could be kept. This rose a very good question, what keeps a man now a days. Is it independence or submissive behavior?

Some black men feel women have not changed, as the old saying goes “same game different players”, looking at the baby boomers men knew about chivalry and opening doors for their mates, allowing her to walk on the inside while he walked on the outside. Displays of how much he cares for you were acceptable, over the years things that had become socially acceptable has become something that punks do. My confusion is if cooking, cleaning and treating a man like a man by being there for him and always being by his side, what keeps a man or is there even a way to keep a man?


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