Get Togetha’s blog.

8 Mar

I’m not sure if my identity rings  through these blog posts yet, but I think we can all agree that I completely dig interior design. Thanks to India over at UrbanCurlz, I was directed to this site:


For any woman who is into surrounding herself with things in her home that absolutely reflect who she is as a person, this is the site for you. Melinda Lewis, the Founder of the site, is a sweetheart as well, and it is apparent that she has a passion for everything that she blogs about. It feels very much like a family. Melinda states:

Get Togetha is a fun and hip lifestyle company and blog that teaches you how to be live rich and how to undo the craptastic. A self proclaimed lifestyle expert, entrepreneur, blogger and self-improvement junkie Melinda makes no apologies about inspiring women to live their best “lifestyle.” Get Togetha’s primary function is to ignite your creative spark plug through conversation and then we throw in the kitchen sink when it comes to helping women surround themselves with the things they absolutely love: home decor finds, interior designer mixed with heart and inspiration.

Check out the blog for yourself! Click here


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