Relationship Rants #1

7 Mar


In my day, I’ve dealt with a lot of males who’ve made generalizations and assumptions about me and ruining a relationship with potential. Here are a few of these assumptions AND my disputes:

Im a gold digger…Their wallet isn’t safe.
Ummmm first of all, not every woman is a gold digger. Like most independent women, I make my own money (and have been making my own money long before we met). To be quite honest, I’ve never dreamed about living off of my future steadman or husband’s money. In fact, in my dreams, my husband/steadman’s salary, will be donated to charity because on the real…we can do with out it.

If you dont have a dope car, I wont mess with you.
Sometimes when I meet guys, they immediately start making excuses about their car. A lot of tmes they begin the apologies before I even see the vehicle. Again, please re-read point #1. I dont care what YOU drive, as long as what I drive is slick, black, and has the name of a monthly piano player (MAYbach). Chances are…I bought it myself too.

I will try to make him look ignorant/uneducated because I graduated from college…twice.
Again. No. I’m proud of my accomplishments but my humility causes me to never, Ever bring it up in conversation. With that being the case – you’ll make yourself look STUPID if we get in an argument and the words ” You think just because you have a masters…” comes out your mouth. My degrees has nothing to do with the normal, everyday, common sense that everyone should have. My degrees also have nothing to do with the relationship between you and I. Basically, if you mention it for no reason, that means you’re hating on me…undercover.

I cant be in your life long term (wifed) because I cant cook
Wrong, its not that I cant cook…its that I wont. We’re in a recession dear. I’m doing my best to help the Obama administration in the area of  ‘Job Creation.’ I’ll hire someone to cook.

Because I dont cook I need to be TAUGHT how to be a good Oprah/wife.
I’m tired of men believing they are professors. I need not be taught how to be a better me. People in a relationship are supposed to both be complements and supplements to each other. You cannot mold me into …your mom or the “perfect” girlfriend. If you feel the need to rennovate me…do me a favor and leave me.


One Response to “Relationship Rants #1”

  1. believethis March 10, 2009 at 2:45 AM #

    Why do men get mad when they find out the woman they have been pining over is a gold digger? she never faked the fact that all she wants is his money. She never made him think she was in it for anything else… Men are confused creatures. They really don’t know what they want, they want a woman to be there, but, when the money runs out so does the woman….

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