Men will be Men?

7 Mar

This is a weird instance…an old love from back in the day (we all know they have a tendency of coming back) calls me. And like any woman, I took a look back into his past and began to realize why I used to like him. We begin talking and the reality sets in that he is the man I have wanted all my life – goal oriented, career driven, outgoing and an overall wonderful guy. But he’s too far away for me to travel and see him. To my surprise he likes me and is very proud of my accomplishments since HS and suggests that we stay friends until the opportunity awards us to be able to be together.

The problem is why we as women want what we want when we want it? Very inpatient and unwilling to waiver what we have already planned for? As far as I am concerned he’s as good as mine but the thought never came into my mind…what if he’s not?

SO I’m asking, do we plan for what is not ours?


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