Beware of the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend…

4 Mar

I had an epiphany the other day that explained a lot of the strange occurrences that were happening in my past relationships and some of my girlfriend’s current situationships (thats what we’ll call them for now). I think most woman know what I’m talking about. That girl that seems to be baggage in your man’s life. She pops up and does off the wall shit and he easily dismisses her as the “Crazy Ex”. Well ladies, Beware!! Proceed with Caution!!! Slow down, road block ahead and all that jazz. I have heard, from The Source aka a man, that this may be a bold face lie. If it is not a lie, there is definitely something else going on, and it is not as simple as some girl that has gone off her rocker. Therefore, here are three reason why a guy may have Crazy-Ex girlfriend Syndrome:

1. He is actually cheating on you and the jump-off has overstepped her boundaries.

In this situation, she may be calling you, writing you emails, accusing him of cheating, stalking and/or threatening you. In this situation, the female is most confidently passed off as the Crazy Ex because it stands to reason that no sane woman would go through all of this childish behavior. You may even feel the need to protect him from this deranged woman. Also note that he may use this as a preemptive measure just incase he foresees his side piece getting out of hand. No cure for this one, just leave him alone.

Example: Jump-off (JO) breaks into man’s apartment with Man and Girlfriend. JO says “Who is this B**** you sleeping with!” Man says “she is just a psycho ex-girlfriend”. Girlfriend takes out an order of protection for JO. As of today- Man is still with JO AND Girlfriend.

2. She really is a little off because of their past relationship and his ill decisions.

This can mean double trouble for you. Not only do you have a female that is storming in on your relationship, but you have a man that is stepping all over you. What he did to the other woman, he is bound to do to you. Sooner or later his whacked out tendencies will emerge and his twisted ways will start to get all wrapped up in your business and then it will be a hot ass stinking mess. Bottom line is, he did something to her that wasn’t cool and if she feels comfortable enough to stay all up in his business its probably because he is giving her access. In this situation, tread the waters lightly, if at all. Ask a lot of questions and if the situation does not add up, go with your gut feeling. If he feels strongly connected to you and wants the relationship to work, he will be a man and cut off the dead weight.

3. He actually has a demented ex-girlfriend.

Highly unlikely. Think about it, at the end of the day, you can always change your number, not respond to their text messages or emails or voicemail. There is a lot that can be done so that the only one going through changes is the ex-girlfriend.


2 Responses to “Beware of the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend…”

  1. Lo March 4, 2009 at 6:24 PM #

    Great post. I have definitely experienced a psycho ex (coincidentally, I posted about that experience today). That, and recently, I have probably been brushed off as the psycho ex because I confronted my ex boyfriend in front of his girlfriend about sleeping with me while he was dating her. I hope she reads this (1 and 2– not 3) and comes to her senses.

    • masquemagazine March 4, 2009 at 6:29 PM #

      lo, you know what? it’s really hard to tell someone who is stuck on someone else that they need to leave. She’ll learn once he cheats on her with someone…sorry you are dealing with that 😦

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