Ladies did you Know?..

2 Mar

Working out can help reduce breast cancer.

fact. not fiction.

Regular exercise may help older women significantly reduce their risk of breast cancer. In a recently published study of 62,000 women between ages 55 and 69, women who biked or walked for an hour each day cut their breast cancer risk by 19 percent. The vast majority of breast cancer cases – 75 percent – occur in postmenopausal women. Regular exercise has many additional benefits, of course. One of the most significant: a reduced risk of heart disease, which affects even more women than breast cancer does.

Keep in mind ladies that the purpose of working out is not only to look good for the summer 😛 , but to aslo improve your mood, your health, and reduce significant amounts of risk factors for numerous illnesses.  So if getting rid of your gut isnt motivation enough, try thinking of a long healthy life as a reason to kick start a healthy habit in the gym.


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