Beauty Tips for the Natural Sista

28 Feb

There is much that can be said about having your natural hair and loving it.  I never had this much fun as a relaxed chick (even though I still love the way straight hair looks!). For one, water is your arched enemy.  For some curly divas, water can be a problem too because it creates shrinkage on your other wised lengthy fro.  However, I found that a little mist never hurt anybody.  Which brings me to my beauty tip of the day: How to create great “second day hair” aka 2dh.

Second, third and even fourth day hair is just what it sounds like.  Do a style at night, unravel in the morning and if you can go to bed that night and wake up the next morning and fluff and go then you have just traveled to the world of Second day hairdom.  For a working young woman in the city I find 2dh to be a life saver.  I may be a diva, but Im still not a morning person.  

My trick to creating 2dh is very simple. When I wake up in the morning, because I sleep with a satin scarf, my hair is very smush and might I add not very attractive.  I fluff as much as I can, but because I have course hair, its not so pliable when dry.  I then jump in the shower with out a shower cap and let the mist and steam from the shower do it work.  When I get out, my hair is full, fluffy and plump.  Now I’m looking fierce and ready for my day at work!

Word of caution: Don’t douse your head in the shower and avoid direct contact with the water.  The steam and mist from the shower will do all the work


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