Quick and Easy Work Outs at Home!

26 Feb

No time to go to the gym? No Problem!

Walking: Of course, we have all heard it before. Walking is easy, convenient and requires no fancy equipment. Slide those sneakers on place one foot in front of the other. Stay to the sidewalks if possible, and dress for the weather. Bring your furry friend and do your pet some good at the same time. Enjoy the quiet time to yourself, bring your music (but be aware of your surroundings) or, if you prefer company maybe a neighbor would join you. Start with a 20-30 minute walk and increase duration as you feel ready, or on days when you have more time available.

Push-ups: This is an oldie but goodie and can be done pretty much anywhere. Place your hands on the floor under chest, and a little wider than shoulder width. Walk your feet back until hips are in line with shoulders. Bend your elbows and slowly lower your whole body (not just your head) towards the floor, then use your chest and triceps to raise your body back up. Choose the traditional straight leg push up (as described) or a modified version by using knees on the floor. Other options include using kitchen counter (while waiting for coffee to brew), or a wall at home. Try for 3 sets, 10 push ups each.

Lunges: This can prove annoying but its a great way to work your thighs and tighten your butt! No more cottage cheese! Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Then move your left leg infront of you as if you are taking a step. Keeping your back foot in place bend your knee of the leg you didnt move to lower you to the ground so that ur front leg is almost at a 90 degree angle. Remember to keep your back straight! Hold that position for about 1 second slowly raise back up, keeping your core engaged while you do so and put your forward foot back in the starting postion. Repeat this with your other leg. These get easier the more you do them so to keep the level of difficulty up (No Pain No Gain!) add weights to the exercis, by holding dumbells in each hand. 8 to 10 pounds is a good start

Seated Reverse Flys: These can be done without weights, but for more resistance, use light weights or filled water bottles. Find a chair, firm couch or bed and place a pillow on your lap. Let arms hang down to the floor while resting your chest on the pillow. Think about squeezing your shoulder blades together and lift your arms away from the floor, just past shoulder level. A good visualization is to make the insides of your shoulders blades ‘kiss’. Keep your head facing down and your feet firm on the floor for support. This move works the posterior deltoids (back shoulders) and trapezius (upper back). Try for 3 sets of 10 lifts, with a 30 second rest in between sets.

Jump Squats: These explosive jumps will increase your heart rate and burn calories. Start slowly, taking some time to feel comfortable with the motion. Start standing with feet hip width apart and hands on hips. Bend your knees and sit back as if you were sitting into a chair. Pause at the bottom of the movement and then jump up with arms reaching overhead. Land softly, bringing hands back to hips and perform 7 more. Try for 3 sets of 8 jumps, with a minute rest in between.

The Plank: This manuever will engage your core. Simply lay belly down on the floor. then raise yourself up on your elbows and toes. keeping your back straight. hold that postion for as long as you can and you will feel the burn! As you continue to do this, it will get easier. Challenge yourself by raising yourself into the pushup position and then lowering yourself back into the plank. Do this one arm at a time, and repeat for as long as you can.



One Response to “Quick and Easy Work Outs at Home!”

  1. masquemagazine February 26, 2009 at 5:32 PM #

    these exercises look super scary…but i think i’ll try them lol i dont have the time to do anything smh

    lol @ the nerve of you to put “enjoy!” at the end of this!! haha

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