Trend Watch: Ethnic Print

19 Sep

As Fashion Week NYC is coming to a close, the ladies of Masque and I have come together to share notes on the apparel from the fashion shows that we love, hate, and are still waiting the jury to come back with a decision on. 😀

Currently, I’m on a “trend watch” for a style that has been slowly creeping into mainstream fashion circuits: colorful, African print.  I personally love the style. It’s fun. It’s trendy. It’s versatile. And I don’t always have to match my accessories and shoes to the “T”. *sigh of relief*

Watching a Beyor a Rih Rih video may have introduced you to BOXING KITTEN. As seen in “Put It In a Love Song” and “Rude Boy”, respectively, the label on the rise is becoming more popular with every new season.  Solange, Alicia Keys, Fergie, DJ Rashida, Kelis, Estelle, and many other divas have donned Boxing Kitten and are doing it well. With a wide array of dresses, “onsies”, tops and bottoms to choose from, the brand has mastered making a traditional look into a modern fashion craze! Without sacrificing style and taste, this logotype is not going to fade away anytime soon.

This past week, the L.A.M.B 2011 Spring/Summer collection was introduced and many of the pieces compliment my “trend watch”. Clean cut, ready-to-wear tops, bottoms, and dresses screamed “buy me now!” as they floated down the runway.  L.A.M.B. totally understands the key to a bold fabric: pairing it with a simple garment or mixing and matching the patterned cloth with subtle patches.

At the NOLCHA fashion show, I met a young designer, Pacy KADIO-MOROKRO, who was showcasing her line, YALERRI. What captivated me was the intricate beads and sparkles that added just enough glam to the line.  Pacy explained to me that most of her pieces are hand woven and the detail that I admired were added by hand. We exchanged information, as we’re going to work with one another for my special order.  The main regret we had is that her official website has not been launched yet, however I will keep our readers posted when it’s up and running.

The only bad thing I can see about ethnic pieces is that they can become dated like parachute pants and big, curly hair. Either way, I’m going to follow this trend and embrace it because I love it!


BLISS Spa and Gilt Groupe Team Up!

16 Sep

With Fashion Week wrapping up (and honestly, who just doesn’t need a break?), Bliss Spa is teaming up with Gilt Groupe for a luxury experience out of this world. Log in today and treat yourself to the pampering of a lifetime!

From R&B tunes to a brownie buffet (seriously?!), Bliss Spa is the place to go to unwind, relax and beautify. You’ll be able to choose from its popular Triple Oxygen Treatment, a three-step complexion-reviving facial; the Blissage 75, a heavenly full-body rubdown; and the Homme Improvement Facial, a must for any well-groomed guy;  to name a few. Or, bring home the spa-quality treatment with Zest to Thrill, a citrus-scented bath set; Peeling Groovy, a gentle exfoliating formula; Hot Salt Scrub, a luxurious DIY skin-soother, and more.

If you’re not interested in going in to the spa or you simply just can’t get to it, you can snag a few beauty products from the Bliss line. Our favorite:

Hot Salt ScrubHot Salt Scrub is perfect for at-home treatments. This body buffer is eucalyptus and rosemary laden, so pores will be open and refreshed while impurities seem to magically disappear.

The sale ends Monday, 9/20, at Noon so get the going while it’s hot!

Have Fun in Harlem this Weekend!

16 Sep

There are two very nice events happening in Harlem this weekend. Join MASQUE Magazine as we watch the arts come alive Uptown!

One of the hosts is Jon Valdez of, we’ll be there!

A performance by Peter Hadar, brunch, massages, yoga AND an art exhibit? You have GOT to be kidding. We’re there!

Come hang with us in Harlem for the fun this weekend. If you see us, stop us and say hello!

Nail Color of the Week: My Old Flame

16 Sep

Whenever you’re in the mood for classic and sultry, Deborah Lippmann’s My Old Flame is the way to go.  I found myself a little stumped when trying to decide what hue would make me smile this week and after the image of a true red popped into my head, I automatically went for My Old Flame. A true red is so versatile: it is for any age and any season. Always in and always sexy, be sure to My Old Flame one of your new favorites!

Have you BKT’d? (Part 1 of 2)

15 Sep

In my journey to natural hair, I’ve come to realize that wearing my hair straight is not always the way to go. The humidity during the hotter months had me looking like I stuck my wet toe in an outlet. After months of research and trial and error, I have found the solution to my frizzy dilemma: Brazilian Keratin Treatment!

A full instructional video from

I’ve tried various hair products that promised frizz-free shine or silk & sleek tresses with no positive end results for my mop. I’ve also experimented with different techniques, such as “the scarf-tie down”, that left me with puffy hair AND a line imprint across my forehead. I was in desperate need of a solution that would allow me to have tamed straight hair without the harsh chemicals. A process that would wash away within a couple of months without any damaging effects to my natural strands. Something just shy of a miracle.

I found BKT somehow – the technique just fell into my lap one day. After an enormous amount of research, including reviews from women who have had the treatment more than once, I decided to take the plunge but was left at a standstill when I caught wind of the price tag for shiny straight hair. The Brazillian Keratin Treatment can range anywhere between $150 – $350. That was not an option for me. I called local beauty schools to see if they offered the service, and shopped around at the local beauty shops to find a licensed hair stylist who is certified to apply the treatment.

When I finally found a cosmetologist who was within my budget, a single tear of  joy escaped my eye and I hurridly made my first appointment.

For more information on Brazilian Keratin Treatments, visit and be careful when choosing your stylist! Also, do as much research as you can. What works for us may not work for you – BKT’s are not for everyone!

Note: Wet Feat is transitioning and likes to wear her hair straight, but we love to embrace our fros, kinks and coils!

Free Dessert Day!

15 Sep

You are now granted a once in a lifetime opportunity – the chance to act like a kid in a candy store! As part of a nation-wide promotion for the premiere of Top Chef: Just Desserts hosted by Gail Simmons, you are entitled to a free dessert at participating restaurants! From NY to LA, prepare to feast your eyes on a dessert for 2.*

Visit OpenTable to take your pick from participating restaurants (there are honestly so many restaurants included, it will be hard to choose!)

*The offer stands if you make a reservation and each diner orders an entree. Still better than nothing, if you ask us!

Sale Alert: Pop-up Plus

14 Sep

From 9/16 to 9/26, take advantage of 25 to 40 percent off at the Pop-up Plus sale in Brooklyn. Plus-size womenswear by Michael Kors, DKNY, Ralph Lauren will be yours for the taking, at a discounted price.

Visit the Pop-up Plus sale on Thursday, 9/16, from 12 – 9pm for the Curvy Girl Preview, presented by Pop-up Plus and Body by Brooklyn. Get the Metropolitan Green to increase your chance to receive a VIP spa pass to Body by Brooklyn’s “Wet Lounge”, once you’ve spent $150 or more.

We’ll be dropping by after the One Stop Plus Show tomorrow!

Visit Store: 439 Metropolitan Ave., nr. Marcy Ave., Williamsburg; daily (noon–9).

Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats: The Doctor Is In!

14 Sep

We’ve been celebrating Fashion Week in NYC and boy do our feet hurt!

Luckily for us, before hitting the tents we checked in with the doctor – Dr. Scholl’s that is. He has a new accessory must-have that we did not catch on the runway. Essentially for the ladies who can not resist wearing their 4+ inch heels throughout a long day. Dr. Scholl’s new Fast Flats is here to give you a break from those 6 hour stilettos.

Fast Flats are flexible and discreet. They are easy to fold into your clutch or will take up close to zero space in the glove compartment of your car for emergencies. You can buy a pair with the accompanying wristlet online for about $10, or at most drug and mass retailers nationwide. Only available in woman’s sizes 5-6, 7-8, and 9-10.

We suggest having more than one pair as a precaution for those days when you just can’t take another step in your favorite pair of pumps.

Go Vote: Primary Elections Today!

14 Sep

There are still a few hours left (approximately 6, actually) until the polls close in NYC for the Primary Election.

The New York Times does a great job of breaking down those who are in the race, so be informed then get out there and vote New York City!

(For those of you not in New York State, HuffPo has you covered…)

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14 Sep

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